Summerschool “Around the Zilber-Pink conjectures”

Paris, 25 June - 5 July 2012


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Useful Information

Map of the campus and neighhbouring area.

Public transportation in Paris.

Tickets can be used both in the metro and in buses. They also work in the RER within Paris (e.g., from Cité Universitaire to Gare du Nord). Tickets t+ allow you to do transfer between buses and tramways for 90 minutes. There are certain rules (you cannot use the same bus line twice in a row), but this is quite convenient. However, you cannot transfer between metro and bus/tramways with the same ticket.

You can buy tickets by the unit in a bus. However, it will not be a t+ ticket, and you will not be able to transfer. Therefore, we recommend that you buy 10 tickets at a time, in a metro station. This is much cheaper than buying them by the unit, and these tickets are t+.

There are other options (weekly passes, e.g., Carte Navigo Hebdomadaire), but they are a little complicated - you need to buy a pass, bring a picture, etc. For more information, please visit the RATP web site.


One can also rent/borrow bikes, several options are possible. Please visit the Velib web site for more information. Note that most foreign credit cards are not accepted by the automats, because they do not have chips, so it is better to subscribe online. The first half-hour is free, then every subsequent half-hour costs something, and prices increase with the duration (1 Euro, then 2, then 4). After you return a bike, you need to wait some time (5 minutes?) before you can borrow another one.